YetAnotherHarddiskRecorder - a Second thought.
First, I don't develop any of this anymore, some snippets may be useful for the DVB interface, or the standard hasn't changed(much)....
if you want something that works out of the box, use Tvheadend
I don't know why I had a go at writing this software, as there's nothing worth watching on tv anyway, let alone recording stuff....
My first approach concentrated too much on trying to C++, where most things concerning
handling hardware, bits, or simple linked lists are much easier to implement in a 'lower level' language.
Apart from that, one can get pthreads to actually work :-)
(ever tried to start a non static class member as a thread or process,without FORK(2)'ing ?)

So back to plain C.
Source is here:
  • git: git clone git:// v2yahdr
  • browse: the src directory [this is the actual directory, so things may be broken]